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Sea Frenzy is a small action game where you are a small fish in the ocean. What do you do? You need to feed and survive!

This is my next game for Windows 10 and Xbox One and should be available late 2018.

Features in the early access version:

  • eat and grow to swallow even bigger fish!
  • one event where you need to dodge enemy fish

Features coming in future updates:

  • multiple randomized events and bosses
  • leaderboards to see who is the best fish in the ocean
  • achievements, who doesn't love trophies?!*
  • controller support - or did someone already invent the transparent finger?
  • progression system to unlock new goodies for your fish

The game started as very small project to practice some new things in Construct 2 but gradually grew as the "feature creep" started to haunt me.

All music is from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

*removed feature because Xbox Creators Program does not support Xbox Achievements, only ID@Xbox Games have them

Development log