New updates for Sea Frenzy and it's coming to Xbox One

Hello everyone! I had some health issues (especially my eyes) and could not work on my projects for several months but I am back at work now.
Construct 2 and 3 finally got a working Xbox Live plugin allowing me to make games for the Xbox One Creators Program including stats and leaderboards.

Sea Frenzy was planned as a free game supported by donations but I had to change my plans and start to sell some of my games for a small amount to fund the yearly Construct 3 license and my webserver. I hope you can understand that, and I try my best to make useful apps and fun games worth your money.

Right now I am rewriting some of the old code and adding the Xbox Live plugin. Gamepad support is already finished. When I am done with the basic Xbox Live integration I will add leaderboards and new events/bosses to add more content.

I can't tell you exactly when I will be finished but I will post new updates in the devlog and maybe update the game a few times for everyone who wants to get "early access" or already downloaded it.

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