A downloadable game

Visit exotic islands, find hidden treasures and fight battles to become a pirate legend!

Sea of Pirates is a new pirate adventure game. It's still in a very early development stage and release is planned for sometime in 2019. The game may be available early like other "game preview" titles. Listed features and the release time are not final and subject to change.

Create your pirate

The character editor allows you to customize the appearance of your player character including the face and hair.

Explore the open sea

Begin your journey and explore the vast open world to discover new islands, treasure and opportunities

Visit islands and towns

Go on land to explore exotic islands to find quests, hidden treasures or recover legendary items. Visit towns and local stores to trade goods or to upgrade your ship.

Battles on land and ship versus ship

Fight wild animals or hostile characters on islands or attack another 

Build your reputation

Finish quests for different countries or attack their foes to gain reputation and unlock new equipment. Can you become a pirate legend?