A downloadable game

This is still a prototype! I am collecting feedback and suggestions to improve the idea and maybe make a game out of it.

"Sparrow Racing" is a racing game with hovering bikes with race tracks on different planets. 

planned features / ideas so far:

  • 2D top down like Micro Machines mixed with F-Zero
  • unlockable Sparrows (bikes) with different behavior (max speed, steering etc.)
  • unlockable skins/effects (via level up/exp gain?)
  • race tracks on different planets (environments)
  • obstacles, jumps, maybe enemies attacking you
  • boosters/power ups on race tracks
  • sparrow skills? (speed booster, gun to attack enemies?)
  • different game modes (time attack/fastest lap, hit all targets/checkpoints)
  • global leaderboards (Xbox Live)
  • different kinds of race tracks (circle and start to finish)

Target platforms: Win10, Xbox One
Controls: Gamepad

Please let me know if you have suggestions or would be interested in testing or buying this game.