New additions and progress update

Greetings! The past few days were very busy and I try to finish one or two tasks of the ToDo list (trello board) every day.
There are still many things to do but it's going very well so far.

Things I added in the past few days:

  • Game HUD (score display, gifts to deliver)
  • Pause screen with options to toggle sound and to exit the game
  • Player controls
  • Bats and Snowballs (Obstacles) (spawning, behavior, death animation)
  • Game settings (Music/Sound volume, enable/disable particles)

Next up are some collision detection fixes, difficulty adjustments and level creation improvements.

I have no fixed release date yet but the plan is to release it before christmas.
If you pre-order the game you can save 10% right now.


Code for Win10 and Xbox One 26 kB
Nov 23, 2017

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