Info about upcoming update and new price

Hi! I am currently working on a christmas themed game and will update "The very long walk" when I finished it. It should be ready in mid or late december.

Some  highlights of the next update include:

  • toggle to enable/disable events at any time (no waiting for Halloween to get some scary music and lots of bats)
  • view more highscore entries (100 or maybe 1000)
  • improvements to the Xbox Live code (logins should work more reliable and maybe a bit faster)

I will update the public trello board with all changes. Just click here.

If you did not notice already the game is no longer available for free. It costs 0,99 €UR/$US to help me fund the costs for the game engine subscription. If you already got it while it was free it will remain free for you and you get all updates without paying again. :)

Get the game for Windows 10 and Xbox One:

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