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The very long walk

Can you ever reach their destination to see what lies there? No one knows! · By Bl4ckSh33p-Soft


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New winter content update
Merry Christmas! To celebrate the holidays and the cold season a new winter content update is available shortly. Contents of this update (v1.5): 4 new music tra...
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Now available to buy on
If you prefer to buy your games on you can buy a redeemable code for Windows 10 and Xbox One on the product page now. Act quickly to save 25%!...
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Info about upcoming update and new price
Hi! I am currently working on a christmas themed game and will update "The very long walk" when I finished it. It should be ready in mid or late december. Some...
Roadmap and new changelog
Greetings! I hope you like „The very long walk“ so far. More content and features will be added with a new update soon! Take a look at the new public Trello...
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New update with leaderboards
Hi! I have just submitted a new update to Microsoft and it should be available to download in the next 24-72 hours. Here are the changes: v1.2.6.0 (coming soon...
New Update and UWP Version (1.1.4)
Greetings! A new update to version 1.1.4 is now available. The game is now available for free in the Windows 10 store and on Xbox One via the Creators Program...
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Release of "The very long walk" and what it is
Why did you make "The very long walk"? Greetings! Maybe some of you know that Construct 3 (C3), the latest version of the game creation engine I use, is current...
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